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More Coverage on Patti’s Story…

New Patti Foster Interview
Date: September 15, 2012
Time: 4:00pm Central

Patti Foster’s story is being featured on national, Christian radio
program U2HaveHope hosted by Carrie Cooper!

Here are the stations across the country/check listing for air time:
 *Dallas, TX: KDKR 91.3 FM
 *Cincinnati/Akron, OH: WKJA 91.9 FM
 *Spokane, WA: KKRS 97.3 FM
 *Wallace, ID: KTWD 97.5 FM
 *Birmingham, AL: WJIK 89.3FM
 *Commerce, TX: KYJC 91.3 FM
 *San Bernardino, CA: KRTM 88.1 FM

*(Will air on www.U2HaveHope.com after Sept 22)

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