The Next Breath

This morning, I was reading a newspaper article that some friends in Arlington emailed me. It was about a traffic crash…in fact, its title was “The vast aftermath of one alcohol-fueled crash in Arlington.”

One of the lines finished with these words, “…unaware of what was about to happen.” That’s how it is with all of us…we don’t know what’s going to happen next in our lives – in the next moment, the next breath, the next step… This is part of the reason why my motto for living (M.A.D. Now!) is SO HUGE and IMPORTANT to me!

We must choose to Make A Difference Now!

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  1. Jacie Hill June 4, 2009 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    Hello my name is Jacie and i went to
    the GMA camp last week and you truly inspire me. Im 11 years old and have
    been touched by god… Thank you so much because of you i have had a
    chance a the rest of my life with him. you inspire me the most is because
    you remember the names of those girls and you have short term memory
    loss. Amazing and a blessing your alive. Because if you never would of
    made it out of your colma i never would feel the way i do now…Thanks
    Your story was the most best feeling ever!!!!!!!!

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