October 2018 Events and Appearances

October 6 - Adjudication; Middle School All Region 21; Whitehouse High School, Whitehouse, TX October 9 - TBI Support Group; Fort Worth, TX October 10 - BIR; Dallas, TX October 11 - Hope Behavioral Health; Grapevine, TX October 12 - Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County; Fort Worth, TX October 13 - Ladies [...]

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September 2018 Events and Appearances

September 5 - TBIAC; Austin, TX September 8 - Team Luke Hope 4 Minds Pediatric Conference; Austin, TX September 12 - BIR; Dallas, TX September 13 - Hope Behavioral Health; Grapevine, TX September 14-15 - TX WMA Retreat; Brownsboro, TX September 25  - VIP; MADD; Henderson, TX September 26-28 - American Association of Christian [...]

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June 2018 Events and Appearances

June 2 - Inside Out 1; Frankston, TX June 9 - Women's Retreat; Hilltop Baptist Church; Alto, TX June 11 - 14 - 4th Federal Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury; Washington D.C. June 15 - Keynote Speaker; Texas Rehabilitation Association Conference; Dallas, TX June 18 - 15 year anniversary of wreck June 18 - [...]

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When Dreams Are Shattered…..

...get ready to meet TRAUMA Face-To-Face! On the morning of February 9, Junior Classes and Senior Classes from various ISDs will experience, up close and personally, some tastes of trauma when DREAMS are SHATTERED by drinking, drugging, and/or distracted driving! “Shattered Dreams” is a statewide high school-based program that promotes responsible decision-making among high school [...]