When Dreams Are Shattered…..

...get ready to meet TRAUMA Face-To-Face! On the morning of February 9, Junior Classes and Senior Classes from various ISDs will experience, up close and personally, some tastes of trauma when DREAMS are SHATTERED by drinking, drugging, and/or distracted driving! “Shattered Dreams” is a statewide high school-based program that promotes responsible decision-making among high school [...]

Remember CPR …

Similar to CPR, remembering to remember might help bring someone back to life this Christmas or in the coming new year. C - Connect - pay attention, listen more, talk less, step outside of the self-cebtered box of convenience and get involved P - Pray - pray WITH a person, pray FOR a person, talk [...]

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As The Season Comes ‘Round

The official day commemorating Thanksgiving might have ended, but the whole attitude to be thankful, give thanks, thanks for giving, (or whatever clever ways it might be shaped) still remains a "life seasoning" to choose. Try to say "Thanks!" or pay someone a compliment at least once each day, as this season comes 'round (...reminds me [...]

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THRIVE After Brain Injury…in Canada :)

Grow to THRIVE AFTER BRAIN INJURY....Begin this Saturday, Nov 11th in Stoney Creek, Ontario to try again, take your time and do the next thing as you persevere each moment of this long journey!... I'm looking forward to meeting YOU in Canada  Contact ScottDFarraway@gmail.com and sign up now!! #YoureNotAlone #HelpEachOther #BePresent #DontTrytoFixEverything#RecoveryToDiscovery #HopeAfterBrainInjury