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"With an overwhelmingly positive response, the presentation refreshed, renewed, and nourished the souls of Baylor Dallas employees, in tum allowing them to be better care providers for themselves and their patients." - Mike Mullender, PhD, BCC Director of Pastoral Care

"Hope For The Journey: A 52-Week Spiritual Journal"

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Patti Foster: Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor & Inspirational Communicator

Patti Foster, a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survivor, is a courageous inspirational communicator who puts her motto M.A.D. Now! (Make A Difference Now!) into living color. As a former radio personality and now, a voice-over talent, Patti offers challenging, refreshing messages that she’ll customize especially for you.

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Patti Foster in one word? Passionate. Whether in a crowd or at home with family, on stage or on the air—she gives all she has to whatever she does and lays hold of each moment. She’ll make an impact!

hopeforthejourney-front-coverHope For The Journey: A 52-Week Spiritual Journal

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As trouble erupts, hope appears on the scene in all shapes and sizes at just the right time. It has no limits…knows no boundaries. Each week take another step toward life…and experience a personal taste of hope for your journey.

Patti’s Inspirational Speaking Topics

“M.A.D. Now! (Make A Difference Now!)”

After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a traffic wreck on June 18, 2002, Patti now puts her motto M.A.D. Now! into living color every day.

“Living Through Adversity”

Patti  passes along some of the treasures GOD has used.

Prepare thyself to soak up and apply some real-life lessons of living triumphantly through adversity.

“Lean Into Life”

Patti encourages us to take a step toward life.

Lean into life and learn the value of the things that matter.

“Leave A Legacy”

Why do you do what you do?

Relationships play a major role in our leaving a legacy in the fabric of life.

“Stay In The Balcony”

In life, there are two kinds of people: basement people and balcony people. You’ll discover that small things really do make a BIG difference!

What Attendee’s Are Saying

It is I who should be thanking you! You truly blessed us today w your presentation! I saw several tears from those who were touched by your words. Anytime you feel the Lord directing you toward our group please consider it an open invitation to come speak to us. We were blessed, encouraged, inspired, [...]

Patti Foster spoke to our volunteer service group of 140 and what a captivating presenter she is! Our group found her to be an engaging speaker with such an inspirational story! She immediately connected with our members, as part of our focus is on brain health and safety. Thank you, Patti, for sharing your [...]

Thank you Patti G Foster!  You did an excellent job of telling your story and giving inspiration and hope to others.  You are a testament to how lives can change with access to needed and appropriate level of rehabilitation for the right amount of time!  Thankful for you and all you do to give [...]

Learn More About TBI Survivor and Inspirational Communicator Patti Foster

Patti Foster Conference Speaker and Author

Patti Foster was thought to be dead at the crash scene…until a bystander heard a gurgling noise come from beneath the white sheet. Today, she takes no moment for granted and lays hold of every opportunity to live her motto: M.A.D. Now! – Make A Difference Now! She was the morning show host at WFRN, an inspirational Christian radio station broadcasting in Indiana/Michigan. Before then, she was the afternoon show host at KVNE/KGLY covering Texas/Louisiana. And now, Patti not only does voice work around the world, but she travels in the USA and abroad inspiring and educating others about brain injury. Read Patti’s Complete Bio.